Conference Proceedings

All accepted papers (max. 4 pages) after the pre-conference peer-review process will be published as chapters in the conference proceedings by Springer. The registered author(s) of each accepted paper will receive a "Springer Certificate of Acceptance" certifying that the paper has been accepted for publication in the conference proceedings and also for presentation as an oral communication during the conference, if they plan to attend (see below).

The conference proceedings will be published online on 10 October 2019 at SpringerLink in the book series “Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation” (ASTI). All authors will receive a soft copy of the proceedings during the conference.

The proceedings of 1stEuro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (1st EMCEI) was published in ASTI book series in November 2017. It gives a general and brief overview on current research focusing on emerging environmental issues and challenges and its applications to a variety of problems in the Euro-Mediterranean zone and surrounding regions. It contains over 580 carefully refereed short contributions to the conference. The 1st EMCEI proceedings is now indexed in Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Science (CPCI-S):

Note that only authors of accepted papers in the conference proceedings (after the pre-conference peer review process) and who will register before the deadline of 1 September 2019 will be allowed to present during the conference sessions (see Important Dates and Registration). If you are not sure whether you or one of your co-authors will be able to attend the conference, you should bear in mind that there is a fee to be paid before the deadline of 1 August 2019 to cover the editorial handling and evaluation of your paper before publication in the conference proceedings. The accepted paper will not be included in the conference proceedings without paying the fee (see Registration for more details). If you decide to attend the conference afterward, the paid amount will be deduced from your total registration fee.

The proceedings of the 2nd  EMCEI will consist of 13 sections, each edited by the following group of Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration (EMJEI) editors:

Section 1. Engineering applications for environmental management

Sami Rtimi, Achraf Ghorbal, Chedly Tizaoui, Mohamed Ksibi, Vincenzo Naddeo (Editors)

Section 2. Process control, simulations and intensification for environmental management

Sudip Chakraborty (Editors)

Section 3. Ecotoxicology, environmental safety and bioremediation

Jörg Römbke, Achraf Ghorbal, Eric D. van Hullebusch, Giulia Guerriero, Olfa Hentati, Sandeep Panda (Editors)

Section 4. Biotechnology for environmental management

Philippe Michaud, Mohamed Ksibi (Editors)

Section 5. Climate-change-related effects on the environment and ecological systems

Elena Xoplaki, Nabil Khélifi (Editors)

Section  6. Natural resources, agriculture and the environment

Armando da Costa Duarte, Abdelazim Negm, Gilles Colinet, Helder Chaminé, Maurizio Barbieri (Editors)

Section  7. Smart technologies for environmentally friendly energy production

Jaya Narayan Sahu, Mongi Seffen (Editors)

Section 8. Remote sensing and GIS for environmental monitoring and management

Anthony Lehmann, Constantinos Cartalis (Editors)

Section 9. Environmental impacts of natural hazards and environmental risk assessment

Settimio Ferlisi, Amjad Kallel, Helder Chaminé, Maurizio Barbieri, Mustapha Meghraoui (Editors)

Section 10. Sustainable management of marine and coastal environments

João Miguel Dias, Giulia Guerriero (Editors)

Section 11. Sustainable management of the urban environment

Constantinos Cartalis (Editors)

Section 12. Sustainable management of the indoor and built environment

Benigno Sánchez Cabrero (Editors)

Section 13. Environmental-change-related impacts on human health

Imed Gargouri (Editors)

Oral Communications

There are two types of oral communications: a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation of 15 min or an e-Poster presentation of 7 min (using a large HD screen). The type chosen will depend on the author’s stated preference and the decision of the scientific committee.


During the conference the best paper selected from each conference track (13 papers in total), as judged by the scientific committee, will receive awards (see Conference Tracks).

Decisions are based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and newness of contribution
  • Appropriate application of methodology
  • Effective communication of the central ideas of the work
  • Usefulness of research in resolving environmental problem(s)

The 13 winning authors will receive the “Springer Award for Outstanding Paper,” a gift voucher for the amount of 300 euros which can be used to purchase books on SpringerLink, and also a Springer bag personalized with the 2nd EMCEI logo and an advertising message “Winner of the best conference paper at the 2nd EMCEI – Tunisia 2019.” All winners will be presented with a commemorative certificate and will be acknowledged during the awards luncheon (Day 3 in the Conference Program).

The most active reviewers and editors will also receive Springer / EMCEI awards and certificates of appreciations, and will be acknowledged during the awards luncheon. 

Special Issues

The conference aims to publish after the conference high-quality topical collections (special issues) on cross-cutting themes of environmental sciences and engineering in the Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration.

Some selected high-quality papers will be also submitted after the conference for publication in regular or special issues of the following Springer journals.

Authors of the selected papers will be notified on 15 November 2019 to start preparing an extended version of their papers for submission in one of the special issues.

All papers will be peer-reviewed by the editors of each journal before final acceptance for publication. Authors of the accepted papers will receive a "Springer Acceptance Certificate" after publication of the special issues.