This is a preliminary version of the conference program. The detailed program will be available after the deadline for confirmation of registration on 20 September 2019 (see Important Dates).


Thursday, October 10th 2019

Time Big Hall Keynotes & Talks
09:00~11:00 Arrival of participants / Registration
09:00~11:00 Welcome Drink & Chat

Keynote Track 12
Benigno Sánchez Cabrero, Spain: Indoor Air Quality in Residences, Offices, and Museums

Keynote Track 9
Settimio Ferlisi, Italy: Consequence analysis of buildings exposed to landslides: an overview

Keynote Track 6
Mokhtar Guizani, Japan: New insights into sustainable water management in regions of water scarcity

12:30~14:00 LUNCH

Keynote Track 6
Akiça Bahri, Tunisia: Advancing water integration for the sustainable and inclusive development of the Mediterranean region

Keynote Track 10
Giulia Guerriero, Italy: Sustainable Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Strategies in Response to Global Warming

Keynote Track 5
Elena Xoplaki, Germany: Climate and environmental changes in the Mediterranean region: An overview

Keynote Track 13
Georgios Nikolopoulos, Cyprus: Climate change and infectious diseases in the Mediterranean region: evidence and challenges

16:00~17:00 Opening Ceremony
17:00~19:00 Icebreaker followed by a photo session 
19:00~20:30 DINNER


Friday, October 11th 2019

Time Big Hall Keynotes & Talks Room 1 Talks Room 2 Talks Room 3 Talks Room 4 Talks Big Hall Posters

Keynote Track 1
Sami Rtimi, Switzerland: Recent progresses in environmental remediation using solar photocatalysis

Keynote Track 2
Sudip Chakraborty, Italy: Science to Solutions: an Approach with Process Intensification!

Keynote Track 3
Abdeltif Amrane, France: The coupling of an electrochemical process and a biological treatment for the removal of recalcitrant organic compounds – Case study: metronidazole

Keynote Track 4
Philippe Michaud, France: Structural characterization and rheological properties of two polysaccharides from the Tunisian Phaeophyceae Cystoseira compressa

10:30~11:00 COFFEE BREAK


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12:30~14:00 LUNCH


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16:00~16:30 COFFEE BREAK


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19:00-20:30 DINNER
20:30-23:30 Editorial Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration


Saturday, October 12th 2019

Time Big Hall Keynotes & Talks Room 1 Talks Room 2 Talks Room 3 Talks Room 4 Talks Big Hall Posters

Keynote Track 8
Anthony Lehmann, Switzerland: Metabolism of Energy and Water of the Canton of Geneva with the Nexus approach by MuSIASEM

09:00~10:30 [T6-OS4] [T6-OS5] [T4-OS1] [T10-OS1] [T8-OS1] [T1-PS1 - Screen 1]
[T7-PS1 - Screen2]
10:30~11:00 COFFEE BREAK
11:00~12:30 [T6-OS6] [T7-OS1] [T4-OS2] [T10-OS2] [T8-OS2] [T1-PS2 - Screen 1]
[T6-PS4 - Screen 2]
12:30~14:00 LUNCH


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16:00~16:30 COFFEE BREAK

Plenary 1
Helen Kopnina, The Netherlands: What is really needed to achieve environmental sustainability?

Plenary 2
Wolfgang Cramer, France: Environmental change in the Mediterranean Basin --
Can scientific information help to achieve the required policy change?

Plenary 3
Jürg Luterbacher, Germany: Environmental and Climate Change across the Mediterranean over the last two
millennia from paleoclimatic evidence: challenges, opportunities and future directions

Plenary 4
Essam Heggy, USA: Radar Remote Sensing in Arid & Hyper-Arid Areas

Plenary 5
Thomas L. Brewer, USA: A Maritime Emission Control Area for the Mediterranean Sea? Technological
Solutions and Policy Options for a ‘Med ECA’

19:00~20:30 DINNER
20:30~21:30 Panel discussion / award ceremony / closure
21:30~23:30 Euro-Mediterranean musicology / 4th birthday ceremony of EMJEI


Sunday, October 13th 2019

Time Big Hall Keynotes & Talks Room 1 Talks Room 2 Talks Room 3 Talks Room 4 Talks Bar Lounge Talks
09:00~10:30 Plenary 6
Nabil Khélifi, Germany: How to prepare a successful scientific paper
10:30~11:00 COFFEE BREAK
11:00~12:30 Special Session
Meet with your Springer journal’s Editors (Q/A)
12:30~14:00 LUNCH
14:00~18:00 Social Program (Sightseeing Sidi Bou Said)
18:00 Departure of conference participants

T: Track; OS: Oral Session; PS: Poster Session